Monday, June 11, 2012

The Batman Conspiracy

Holy shit!! You guys?

Be prepared to be astounded. Josh Helfferich discovered that if he turned the new Twitter logo on its side...

It looks, like BATMAN!

Oh sure, you say. That's probably just a coincidence. Be truly shocked when I show you that your journey into flabbergaustation has only just begun. I did some research into some other popular companies.

Behold, the apple logo.

Some simple tricky and...

But we're not over yet. See Apple's biggest competitor. Windows!

Some simple adjustments...

Beware the dark screen of death.

More Microsoftery.

This has gone way past mere coincidence. These logos are obviously all about capturing the strength of Batman and presenting it subliminally.

Behold the most shocking of them all.

The Green Lantern.

Outer space police. And yet still...

They defer to the Batman.

It seems that if you find something that looks vaguely like Batman and then make it look more like Batman...

It ends up looking A BIT LIKE BATMAN!

Tell your friends!

Tell all your friends!

It's Batman!!

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